[Schrodinger's] cat in a box

Is it dead or alive? - you won't know until you open it.. docker run --rm anapsix/catinabox again.. docker run --rm anapsix/catinabox #docker #fun »

#offrhyme #tinderPoerty

shared economy swiping decisions delinquent emotions lackluster responses original content by mutual consent "hello" as a service "how are you" as platform »


"an egg in a chicken" => "a chick in an egg", "a life in a nutshell" => [ "is phantom effect", "302/redirect", "is cruelest verdict", "is »

#docker #nyancat

this is how we docker.. »

Better progress bar..

Better progress bar with ProgressBar.js and Stratified.js Progress bars are great stupid useless helpful inevitable.. sometimes. Instead of using a predictable linear progress bar »

from screengrab to gif on linux

prep figure out capture coordinates, this Python script might help step 1: grab screen ffmpeg -video_size 550x50 -framerate 25 -f x11grab -i :0.0+40 »